Pro golf? The playground of white elitists

I have no idea why anyone pays the slightest attention to pro golfers. These are prima donna, third rate, spoiled brat, country club, white elitists who couldn’t play any other sport at even an amateur level.
Please don’t talk to me about Tiger. He’s the whitest of them all. And, if you don’t understand that, please go back to Twitter and Instagram and Facebook where you belong.

Can you imagine Michael Jordan or LeBron James or Kevin Durant or Zion Williamson or Mike Trout or Aaron Judge or Mookie Betts or Saquon Barkley or Todd Gurley or Antonio Brown or Patrick Mahomes on the golf course?

If they’d grown up rich country club pampered brats they’d be crushing par before reaching pubescence.
Augusta would be reduced to a pitch and putt. Eagles would soar. If you didn’t break 60 at least twice you’d miss the cut. Reincarnate Mickey Mantle and he’d tee off swinging a five iron so he wouldn’t overshoot the 500 yard par 5’s.

But none of them would ever enter the Hallowed Halls of the PGA. Especially if they’re black. Country club? Where do I find one in downtown Tulsa? For free.
The crown jewel of golf is The Masters at Augusta, the epitome of sports racism and sexism. Did Hogan or Palmer or Player or Nicklaus or Woods ever stand up and denounce this bull shit? Of course not. They’ve been idolized, immortalized, suckholed, and Anointed Legends. Who can blame them for endorsing racism simply by keeping their mouth shut. I think most of us would be just as seduced by fame and millions of greenbacks.

So much for morality. But why do you give a damn about these elitist white boys who roam the greens knowing they will never have to compete against real athletes?

I give you this gem I wrote last year about the Masters.