J.T. succumbed to the 96 heat.

Wick started Scott Kingery with a pair of swinging strikes on two more 96 rockets but lost him on a limp pop up that skimmed the foul line halfway to right field, spun and bounced into the stands for a ground rule double.  It was hit as hard as a wiffle ball.

Rowan worked Odubel Herrerra with hard stuff until he scuffed a fastball and dribbled it down the first baseline.  Rowan flipped underhand to Anthony Rizzo for the out but Hoskins scored.  It was like being mugged by a 7-year-old with a squirt gun.

Finally, Wick threw four knifing, slicing breaking balls in a row to strike out Sean Rodriguez on a curve that shook loose like a skydiver.  Two dimensions?  Like holding a pair of Aces.

Yes, he gave up a run.  But it was as cheap as oldtime Ripple rotgut.  His fastball had 96 velo with life and the breaking ball was tight, hard, vicious, and as lights out as a Black Hole.

What’s more, Cubs play-by-play guy Len Kasper has even been to North Vancouver, where Rowan was born.  He mentioned the Grouse Grind and the world class view when you take the chairlift up the mountain.

A great start for Rowan.  And an advert for Vancouver tourism. What’s not to like.